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Personalised Limerence Advice

Lucy Bain
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This is an offer for individuals who have (ideally) read my two books on limerence, but who would like some extra help identifying the specific driving factors underpinning their limerent pattern.


If you buy this service, you will automatically receive a PDF with instructions.

I require that you send me 1-4 pages of information regarding: a). your specific situation (your LO, their personality, how they make you feel), b). your general mental health and c). your experience with healthy, requited romance.

In turn, I send you one extended, highly detailed PDF report (typically around 15 pages) comprising:

  • in-depth personalised advice that attacks the neuroscientific, psychological and spiritual causes of your personal affliction
  • a methodical breakdown of the specific unhealed wounds and subconscious beliefs that have landed you in this situation
  • an analysis of why you are attracted to your LO and why their specific behaviour/treatment of you keeps you hooked
  • exactly what you can do to feel better now
  • exactly what to do to get over your LO completely and permanently see them neutrally
  • personalised recovery advice/techniques to reconfigure your subconscious mind and permanently avoid limerence - no more LOs, ever!

Important: This is for individuals who are keen to catalyse real, lasting change within themselves, by learning to view themselves and their behavioural patterns objectively and make changes.

This is not therapy or ongoing email coaching - it is the opportunity to receive one write-up via email of exactly what you need to do, right now, to progress and liberate yourself forever. You are more than welcome, however, to reply to the email I send you with some questions - I will happily reply with absolutely everything that you'd like clarification on.

In fact, I actively encourage that you do respond to your report to check you've understood and assimilated everything.

I look forward to working on your case!

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One extended report concerning your limerence problem

Long, detailed report: 15 pages
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