eBook: 20 Disastrous Limerence Errors... And Exactly How to Avoid Them

Lucy Bain
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Twenty Disastrous Limerence Errors is a book to read alongside or after The Limerent Mind; it will grant you profound insight into how you are currently perpetuating your state of lovesickness without realising. This supplementary resource is an in-depth analysis of the subtle, insidious ways in which virtually every single limerent unknowingly delays and complicates their own recovery, and practical, foolproof ways to avoid committing these errors yourself, despite your afflicted brain trying to persuade you that they are the most logical things to do and think.

You will learn how to rapidly tweak your attitude, thinking process and actions in order to stop tripping yourself up and permit your own seamless recovery - in other words, to guarantee that you see rapid and permanent results from the subconscious mind techniques detailed in The Limerent Mind.

The TWENTY WAYS in which you are probably keeping yourself limerent fall into five main categories:

  • buying into ideas and convictions that are ultimately delusional (albeit often subtly so)
  • failing to accept the truth that your emotions are not ‘more meaningful’ than anyone else who has endured unrequited love, nor your love for your limerent object (LO) more profound. And, by extension, failing to believe that most of your current thoughts concerning your LO are part of the stereotypic array of harmful delusions that plagues every limerent
  • entertaining negative thought loops and coming to pessimistic conclusions about life that feel sensible and realistic, but which are both inaccurate and sneakily complicating (or actively impeding) your recovery
  • acting in problematic ways towards your LO (and other people) that have subtle social repercussions, rendering you a weak, resentful and unhappy version of yourself
  • making flawed decisions in realms of life that have nothing to do with limerence or your LO.

As we explore our twenty limerent errors in depth throughout the course of this book, you will learn exactly what you need tostop committing each one. Assimilate the information presented to you in each chapter, and then assess your personal experience with limerence. Do not be impartial about it. Elucidate which of these errors (or problematic states of being) YOU have fallen prisoner to, so that you can coherently and seamlessly ‘catapult’ yourself away from them—mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Clearing your path of obstacles in this way will leave you perfectly poised to cure your limerence pattern once and for all, since there will be nothing blocking you from gaining momentum and gliding towards your much deserved emotional freedom - towards a version of yourself that is one hundred percent immune to obsessive unrequited love, and can thrive as your truest self without repressing any aspects of your uniquely passionate nature.

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