99 Unique, Potent Affirmations For Recovering Limerents

Lucy Bain
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Limerence is an agonising, maddening, pathological form of love, subjecting you to illusory emotional lows so bleak that you feel like you need your limerent object (LO) to survive. These can derail even the most logical individual, leading to months/years of pain, humiliation, silent suffering and the desire for emotional liberation - the desperate desire to live life cheerfully and optimistically once again, free from intrusive thoughts about 'that one person' who hit you a little too hard.

Fortunately, full limerence recovery is entirely possible for you, as long as you commit to tackling this dilemma in ways that you never have done before. After all, you can only expect different results when you are willing to leave your comfort zone and alter your approach.

I have spent weeks meticulously designing these affirmations, which are highly specific to limerence and guaranteed to powerfully influence and impress your subconscious mind.

You see, engaging in complete subconscious mind repatterning is critical if you want to align with a new, blissful, limerence-immune version of yourself. i.e. a version of yourself that cannot crave a LO, or fall for people in this obsessive way ever again. This constitutes real emotional freedom and should be every limerent's goal; I can assure you that achieving it is well within your reach, regardless of the helplessness and agony that you are currently enduring.


You will get: 

99 exquisitely constructed affirmations, categorised on the basis of the precise emotion that they have been designed to generate within you. These affirmations are suitable for all limerents (regardless of your age, gender or orientation) as they target the fundamental psychological underpinnings of the condition. They fall into 9 different categories, each one being an emotional state that you need to learn to curate within yourself in order to escape the complex, multi-faceted psychological nightmare that is limerence:

  • EMOTIONAL STABILITY: “I’m perfectly okay... right here, right now.”

  • FAITH: “I trust in my brain’s ability to heal and in the universe’s ability to bring me precisely what I ask for.”

  • BLISS: “Life is beautiful and whole, and I’m naturally joyful as a consequence.”

  • LOVE: “I radiate the energy of pure love, and this is constantly reflected back at me.”

  • INSPIRATION: “Life is fascinating, and I’m highly motivated to explore it and fulfil my potential.”

  • RELIEF: “This life chapter has been agonising, but it’s over – I’m free and limerence- immune!”

  • SELF-WORTH: “Limerence is an immature, maddening expression of love, and I know and feel that I deserve more.”

  • PLAYFUL AMUSEMENT: “I admit that limerence dragged me to hell and back, but I’m entirely healed... so I can consider it a crazy, comical vignette.”

  • ABUNDANCE: “This life chapter has been agonising, but it’s over – I’m free and limerence-immune.”


How to benefit from these affirmations maximally

Each category is highly important. Triggering these 9 emotional states in yourself potently before bed every night will heal your subconscious mind like nothing else will - suspend your disbelief and trust in your ability to influence your own brain.

You should say these affirmations to yourself quietly (or repeat them in your head) while you are relaxed and sleepy, around 15-30 minutes before going to bed. This is when your brain's alpha-band (8-12 Hz) and theta-band (3.5-7.5 Hz) oscillatory activity is maximal, and your subconscious mind is the most receptive to being repatterned by new concepts, ideas and beliefs. This is how you practically go about establishing new belief systems, feeling completely neutral towards your LO, immunising yourself against future limerent episodes and constructing the life of your dreams.

However, as a unique limerent individual, you will have particular areas of psychological weakness to overcome. I recommend that you employ affirmations from all 9 categories, but that you especially hone in on the ones that resonate with you (and the current pain that you are feeling) the most intensely.


REMEMBER - the purpose of employing affirmations is always to stir up emotions, as emotion is the language of the subconscious mind. 

Allow these words to carry you to higher states of consciousness... to let you feel jolts of positive, inspiring, exciting emotionality, and to touch you to core. To allow you to feel an 'inner knowing' that you are in control, and safe, just as you are. Even a small hint of positivity will be powerful enough to set you on a new, auspicious trajectory, allowing you to lean into a resilient, stable, non-obsessive version of yourself.

Once you connect to this new self-concept of yours, build momentum. Let it (and the associated emotions) gain intensity, and don't look back. Soon, it will harden into reality - that is a guarantee, for the subconscious mind is the creative power that governs your thoughts, moods, behaviour, and entire life.

I want this!

99 exquisitely constructed affirmations that target the fundamental psychological underpinnings of limerence, effectively rewiring your subconscious mind (and consequently re-granting you complete control over your emotional life).

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