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Lucy Bain
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When I started this project, I knew I was committing to producing something that would render you completely immune to unrequited love. As a neuroscientist who used to suffer horrifically from the condition but is now completely free, I want nothing more than for all of you to achieve the same. If you heed the advice in this book and commit to your own expansion, I can guarantee that you will never fall for a limerent object (LO) again.

Limerence is possibly the most tenacious, painful behavioural pattern that exists and many people remain trapped in its grips for decades, but just a few weeks/months of implementing the correct thinking patterns and techniques can transform your subconscious mind and liberate you. Since it is a multi-faceted, complex phenomenon, we must comprehend every possible facet of limerence and reconcile all of the different ways that we view it. Neurobiology, psychology and spirituality all describe the same feelings in different terms - but what is at the ROOT of this disorder?

You will learn:
- The role that genetics plays in priming you for limerence
- The brain regions that activate during limerence, and what this reveals about how to cure it
- Dopamine, reward pathways, and the reason why anticipation of future times with this person are so euphoric
- Why other people transition into real relationships, yet you attract unrequited love
- How to discover the precise psychological needs that YOU have but are neglecting (and how to honour them)
- Thoughts, beliefs, and how these actively dictate what every aspect of our lives is like
- How to ascertain which particular beliefs of yours are a). limiting and b). aligning you with limerence
- All about LOs: common traits that they have, and specific dynamics that limerents end up entertaining with them
- Your trigger archetype: why do you fall for the people you fall for?
- The Law of Assumption: where spirituality meets science
- How to change your beliefs and meet your needs, which in turn heals your brain, balances your neurotransmitters and promises you permanent emotional freedom
- The benefits of being limerence prone: how your obsessive and motivated disposition will make you incredibly successful (far more so than your calmer, more stable friends) once you detach from person addiction and start to live for yourself.

Once we've appreciated all the different aspects of a single limerent episode, you will learn how to methodically rewire your brain. Many obese people think that they can't quit sugar, but the proactive ones do and then remain skinny for life. Similarly, you are wholly capable of becoming a version of yourself who isn't just 'limerence-free', but who could never even fall for a LO in the first place.

Your current reality is just the reflection of your beliefs and thoughts; change these, and the external world will rearrange in front of your eyes and you will effortlessly attract real, normal connections. Limerence becomes your norm, but it isn't normal; recovery is essential and non-negotiable. Give yourself your best chance in this life and leave limerence behind now, rather than having to go through this transition in 10 years time. Bliss, clarity and pure, magical abundance awaits you! Plus, someone who's limerence-prone but has beaten limerence possesses major advantages in this world, both socially and professionally.

The same genetics that let you 'fixate' on an LO render you driven, smart, articulate, intense and passionate. It just takes educating yourself, unsticking your brain and redirecting your inner flame towards wonderful things.

Latest edition of The Limerent Mind: 163 pages, including a bonus chapter ft. six real, recovered limerents' stories.

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