Powerful Limerence Hypnosis: Feel Better Right Now and Forever

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Powerful Limerence Hypnosis: Feel Better Right Now and Forever

Lucy Bain
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Hypnosis is an extremely effective way to gain quick relief from unpleasant psychological symptoms, feel good and in control and permanently reprogramme the subconscious mind. I'm delighted to announce that I've worked with an expert hypnotherapist to create a magical, soothing 30-minute video session specially designed for limerence recovery.

This session will immediately grant you:

a). Relief from the pain: it'll lift you out of your depressed, anxious state and stop you craving your limerent object (LO).

b). Simple, good feelings that every human deserves to feel: you'll experience a wave of positive emotion, and will feel resilient, focused on what is right in front of you and inspired to create an exciting new future.

c). Poise and self-esteem: you'll be able to feel truly high-functioning in all domains of your life, regardless of how long you have been limerent. You'll come across as empathetic, attentive and resourceful, allowing you to flourish at work, with friends and at home even while you are still recovering.

Over a few days/weeks of intentional listening, it will additionally:

d). Plant important positive suggestions in your subconscious mind, allowing you to feel better every day (eventually without needing to listen to this tape).

e). Completely 'unstick' your subconscious mind from the topic of painful obsessive love, allowing it to instead work to execute your wildest dreams and evoke positive, liberating emotions.

f). Help you return to your most positive self, who not only has a great life but who also brings joy to everyone around him/her.

(September 2022 UPDATE: Click here to check out my second hypnosis, Medicine For Your Subconscious. It's radically different, involves question affirmations, and is equally magical).

How to benefit maximally from hypnosis:

In order to gain the most from this session and emerge feeling wonderful, you'll need to listen to it while relaxing somewhere quiet (sitting or lying), with your eyes closed, and with the goal of allowing it to heal you.

No one who takes hypnosis seriously is disappointed. Enjoy tapping into the magic that your brain is capable of! You'll be amazed at how chaos can be transmuted into stability, joy and excitement.

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